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"Greatest and most considerate carpet cleaning service! They also clean our business, and have taken care of a sub-pump backup. Chris and his team are full service life savers! Thanks Advantage!"

Lori H, Business and Home Owner

"They were at our home in less than 45 minutes from the time we called and handled our water situation from start to finish. They are the best!"

Ken S, Home Owner

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Sewage Water Backup Cleaning

Severe rainstorms, floods and even spring thaws can put a strain on sanitary sewers and septic systems. Large volumes of storm water and ground water entering sewage systems can inundate them, causing back-ups into basements and on to private property. 

Blockages in sewer systems, such as tree roots, debris or non-water soluble substances such as grease, oil and cat litter can also cause sewage backups. 

If you're facing a sewage backup, call a professional immediately. The professionals from Advantage Restoration and Cleaning Services are qualified, trained and experience at removing sewage backup on your floors in your house. excess water and put everything in place to  promote efficient evaporation necessary to stop on-going damage. 

Whether it is house sewage backup or commercial sewage backup, Advantage can restore your property to a pre-loss condition faster than most water damage restoration companies. During sewage backups or other "black water loss", large amounts of bacteria can enter the interior environment and pose potentially serious health risks to the occupants.

In fact, the bacteria introduced to the structure could stay active indefinitely if left untreated. We use the most advanced restoration methods to rid your home or office of all traces of sewage and make the structure clean and safe again.

Whether it is residential water damage or commercial water damage, Advantage will be able to restore your property to a pre-loss condition faster than most water removal and restoration companies.

Call our professional water damage restoration team at 734-878-3702 or contact them with our online appointment form now.