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Winter Snow to Spring Rain: How to Avoid Major Water Damage to Your Home

Winter Basement Water Damage Clean Up

This seasonís excessive Michigan snow falls can lead to significant water damage to your home if you are unprepared. The accumulation of snow and ice is trouble enough but in the late days of winter another threat can cause significant damage and repair cost. Itís commonly referred to as rain.

The Great Lake state is notorious for its extreme weather fluctuations as one season transitions into another. Experiencing a large winter storm that drops a lot of snow or ice can be followed a few days later by a quick rise in temperatures above 50 degrees. These temperatures are usually accompanied by major rain and high winds. When this series of events occurs it can lead to major water and flood damage to your home.

The main cause for water damage is simply that water has no other place to go except for inside your home. Weíve all heard the old saying that water finds its own level. This is especially true when the rain and melting snow has no outlet because of piles of it around your foundation or ice dams on your roof. Both are huge threats for water seeping water in your basement or between the walls and can lead to structural damage and mold problems if not taking care of quickly.

Here are several areas around your home to keep an eye on this spring to avoid major water damage:

Be Aware Of Melting Snow And Ice

When the temperature fluctuates above and below the freezing level there is the potential for water damage problems. Itís wonderful that a warm day in late winter happens but the quick freeze-thaw cycle creates conditions that lead to water damage. Check outside your home for areas of water running and pooling close to the structure. Itís best to remove piles of snow, ice and debris that inhibit the natural flow away from the house. Water will find a way into the home if it has no other route to flow.