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"Greatest and most considerate carpet cleaning service! They also clean our business, and have taken care of a sub-pump backup. Chris and his team are full service life savers! Thanks Advantage!"

Lori H, Business and Home Owner

"They were at our home in less than 45 minutes from the time we called and handled our water situation from start to finish. They are the best!"

Ken S, Home Owner

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How to Avoid Major Water Damage to Your Home - Part 3

sump pump failure

Make Sure Your Sump Pump Works

Itís easy to take your sump pump for granted and think it will always work effectively. Some people donít even know what a sump pump looks like, but when you get water in your basement, your soon realize their importance.

Sump pump failure is one of the most common causes for basement water damage. When it happens there is no way to remove water from the basement automatically and major water damage results. To safeguard yourself from this potential situation, it is wise to have a backup pump installed next to your primary pump. It is also a good idea to have battery backup system in case of power outages.

If you have an incorrectly sized pump to handle the amount of water you will most likely encounter a problem. A pump that is too small may not be able to adequately pump out the water and cause the pump to burn out resulting in a shorter life span. Choosing the correct size for your home will ensure maximum life expectancy for your sump pump and avoid sudden breakdown. It is a good idea to check you sump pump often when the snow melt quickly or when a heavy rain washes away large piles of snow.

Don't Procrastinate with Water Damage

The key to major problems is that once you discover water damage, donít wait to call for professional help. Damage from water and bacteria growth can begin within hours. Although cleaning up the damage is important, the problem will only reoccur if the area is not kept dry. The best defense is keeping your home dry and water tight. This begins with proper awareness of potential problem areas and understanding the effects of sudden changes in the weather patterns and big swings in the temperature.

Proper home maintenance can help prevent water damage from becoming a more serious problem that costs a lot of money and puts your familyís health at risk. For more information, contact the water damage and flood restoration experts at Advantage Restoration and Cleaning Services.

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